2000-01 - ‘Young People and Violence’, a national pilot project with Save the Children.  I trained youth workers and helped a group of lads in Cheshire write and perform a play about bullying based on their own experiences.  

1999-2000 – ‘Why Should We Tell Our Stories?’, Street Child Africa, Accra, Ghana.  I ran drama and playmaking workshops with under-5s, young people, teachers and social workers at Catholic Action for Street Children Refuge, Street Girls’ Aid and Hopelands.  We created five plays drawn from the lives of the young people. 

1999 – ‘In Our Own Image’, the Lache Young Women’s Project, Chester.  I was the writer on the project, organised jointly by  Chester Gateway Theatre, the Youth Federation, Lache Young  People’s Project and Chester City Council. 

1996 – ‘Staging History’, English Touring Theatre Education Department.  Writer on a project to complement the company’s acclaimed productions of Henry IV, Parts 1 & 2.

1995-6 – Cheshire Young Playwriting Project.  Playwriting facilitator for a collaboration between Chester Gateway Theatre, Cheshire Drama Education Services and the Arts Council.  I was attached to two primary schools, a secondary school, a youth theatre and an FE college.

1994 – ‘Poetry in Public Places’, a 10 week project in Sunderland, Washington and Hetton in collaboration with artist Trevor Atkinson and community writing groups.  Trevor created works of art in response to poetry and prose from the writers.  The project culminated in the first exhibition in Sunderland’s new library, and the publication of a series of greeting cards with images and poetry. 

1994 – ‘Fahrenheit 451’, a project in Newcastle Schools.  I ran creative writing and drama workshops at Sacred Heart secondary school. 

1993 – Anti-bullying project, Hylton Red House School, Sunderland.  I led drama workshops over a 9 week period together with a community officer from Northumbria Police

1992-3 – Drama workshops for A19 Film and Video in Sunderland schools and youth clubs as part of the research for my play Emma and the Cauld Lad

1991 – A week of drama and playmaking workshops in conjunction with a production of my play The Chambermaids, Malmesbury School, Wiltshire

1988-9 – Cleveland Writing and Photography Group, Hartlepool.  An exhibition entitled Hartlepool Women: Working for Change? developed from the workshops I led, funded by the Artists’ Agency.  It toured galleries and art centres in the NE.  I contributed several poems.